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La Blanca Hotel

La Blanca Hotel is located in a beautiful old house, located in the heart of Viña del Mar. This infrastructure testifies to the architecture and furnishings in force at the beginning of the 20th century, and is one of the few hundred-year-old houses still preserved in the garden city.

Restored in 2014 by its owners, Carolina Oliva and Paul Barreaux; the house maintains its original structure in order to preserve the history of Viña del Mar and its founders, and that is why the name of the hotel alludes to the elegant, sophisticated and cheerful Blanca Vergara, daughter of the founder of the city, who ordered it to built and owned it.

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The Hotel and the Vergara Family.

La Blanca Hotel belonged to Blanca Vergara, daughter of José Francisco Vergara, founder of Viña del Mar. This eclectic Victorian-style house was built in 1916 together with the other 3 houses located in the same neighborhood with the purpose of being used as residence for the honored guests of the family, since they had as their main residence the Palacio Vergara located in Quinta Vergara (one block from the hotel).

The rooms in an honorary way have the different names of the family as a demonstration of respect, with La Blanca room being our main attraction. In addition, you can find different preparations of our La Joie terrace with names of well-known characters from the city and family acquaintances who helped build this wonderful place that is our hotel today.


Parking Lots

We have a parking, which is subject to availability and has a capacity of 2 city car and is monitored by a security camera system 24 hours a day.

Public Transport 

We are located in the center of Viña del Mar between the streets Viana and Álvarez which are the main avenues where public transport passes to move between Valparaíso and Viña del mar mainly. In addition, we are just 2 blocks from the metro station "Quinta Vergara"



Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide a service of lodging satisfying the needs of the guests , with a comfortable place, a personalized attention and deliver a homely atmosphere.


Vision: To position ourselves as leaders in public attention within the hotels of the region, based on the references of our guests.

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