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Pet Lovers

Our hotel is qualified to receive pets, however the following requirements and rules must be met:


Pets of small or medium breeds are allowed. (Max.10 Kg)


They should NOT be noisy. We know that they constantly bark, however it should not be for very long periods of time and less at night.


Our staff will NOT take care of a bad cleaning of the place caused by your pet (Feces, Urine or Vomiting)

* Failure to meet the requirements corresponds to a fine of 1 UTM. In the event of a further breach, the reservation will be cancelled without the possibility of refunds.

Pet Friendly Suggestions

Pata de gato

Pet Food & Hair Shops

restaurante al aire libre



Coffee Shop

  • Club Pets Viña

  • Distrito de Mascotas

  • BeFoods

  • Super Mascotas

  • Pet Stop

-Patio 511

-Seiko Sushi

-Nina Restaurant

-Tierra de Fuego

-Secreto Del Mar

-Fondue Chocolate Bar

-Amura Café

-El Café Rosa



Bar Pet Friendly

Centro comercial

Commercial Center

Bolsas de compra

Pet Friendly Attractions

- Sativo Resto Bar

- GalaBar Café

- Kopao RestoBar

- Grow Bar

- Mall Marina Arauco

- Mall Boulevard Marina Arauco

- Mall Marina Oriente

- Espacio Urbano

- Museo Artequin

- Museo Palacio Rioja

- Quinta Vergara

- Jardín Botanicos


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